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Lander UrquijoMore than ten years dedicated to
reinvent men's fashion

A brand that was born in 2009 with the aim to transform the classic tailoring and evolves towards an integral approach, where men´ fashion is one of the ways of self-expression and distinction for every men. Timeless outfits with a unique style.

Thanks to the knowledge of traditions and craft methods, we are able to rethink and transform the classic to achieve an improved version in the form of trendy and contemporary collections. An attitude and an effort for perfection that gave us the National Fashion Award (Madrid, 2015).

We offer a customized unique experience to our customers. Each garment is an exclusive piece that gives off distinction and quality; we deploy this know-how in all the collection and of course in tailoring. Only then we are able to exceed the expectations of our customers.

A brand philosophy that understands fashion as something more than a way of expression, but also as part of a singular lifestyle.



The selection of raw materials is key in our collections and they come from the most prestigious international companies such as Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis, Albini or Albiate among others. We choose our ateliers by seeking excellence in the way they work, endowing each garment with peerless quality.



Our handcrafted goods are always made in limited series because exclusivity is one of our fundamental values. For this reason, there is always a limited number of garments in the same model.


Design and Avant-Garde

We work the future thinking about the past. The starting point is to know tradition and fashion, only then we can provide an exclusive and innovative design. We love to surprise and look for details that turn the garments of Lander Urquijo into a unique piece.

Everyday life inspires us and authenticity is our unique hallmark

Lander Urquijo


Buttonholes, scissors, needle, thread, fabrics, measuring tape… they have been with me since I was 16 years old and starting working at a tailor’s in my hometown, Bilbao. Ten years later I moved to Madrid, where I continued my career as a professional tailor in other companies in the sector.

The apartment


In 2009, I created my own fashion brand under a new concept of artisan tailoring. The Apartment is the hallmark of our shops, spaces inspired by the mythical tailors on Savile Row, where we provide our clients with comprehensive bespoke tailoring services.



National Fashion Award 2014 for entrepreneurship and FORUM Europe Gold Medal.