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About Us Lander Urquijo was founded with a clear vision:
to reinvent classical tailoring.

Ware a unique men’s fashion brand which was founded in 2009 with the aim of transforming classical tailoring. We want to dissociate ourselves from the exclusively traditional tailoring to instead adapt to the new times. Living in the present, drawing from the nostalgia of craftsmanship but focusing on the new technologies and trends. This philosophy, attitude and resolute quest for perfection has led us to win the National Fashion Award in Madrid in 2015.

We turn each garment into a personalised work of art by making it an exclusive piece. We believe that each client comes to us looking for distinction and a unique adventure. Our intention is to meet their needs while exceeding their expectations through our professionalism, experience and approachability.

This is an attitude and a way of viewing life and fashion that seeks to keep growing and conquering hearts.



All of our raw materials are chosen from the most prestigious companies in the world. We choose our ateliers by seeking excellence in the way they work, endowing each made-to-measure Lander Urquijo garment with peerless quality.



Our handcrafted goods are always made in limited series because exclusivity is one of our fundamental values. For this reason, there is always a limited number of garments in the same model.



We work on the future today. We innovate in our quest for that novelty, which makes us different and turns each Lander Urquijo garment into a unique piece.

We try to convey the authenticity which is our unique hallmark. We draw inspiration from everyday life and the things we like that spark our interest.

Lander Urquijo


Buttonholes, scissors, needle, thread, fabrics, measuring tape… they have been with me since I was 16 years old and starting working at a tailor’s in my hometown, Bilbao. Ten years later I moved to Madrid, where I continued my career as a professional tailor in other companies in the sector.

The apartment


In 2009, I created my own fashion brand under a new concept of artisan tailoring. The Apartment is the hallmark of our shops, spaces inspired by the mythical tailors on Savile Row, where we provide our clients with comprehensive bespoke tailoring services.



National Fashion Award 2014 for entrepreneurship and FORUM Europe Gold Medal.