Reminiscing the mythical tailors of Savile Row, The Apartment is a place reserved within Lander Urquijo's store; Madrid, number 65 Claudio Coello street.


The Apartment is boundless with classical reminiscences, furnished with heterogeneous objects from different decades of the 20th century. With this blend of style, we offer our sign of identity; this new environment devotes itself to exclusively satisfying the requirements of a client who is given the maximum attention of a tailoring service where, under previous appointment, they will be able to enjoy personal and individualized attention.  Chesterfield armchairs, a timeworn tailor’s counter and a small vintage bar fuse together to accompany those in choosing fabrics, linings and accessories. 




The service, which includes the creation of any type of made-to-measure garment, with innumerable possibilities of fabrics and finishes, offers the warmth and attention that few tailors offer today. 

The personalized and complete service of made-to-measure can be made by appointment on telephone 91 737 44 30