A button for every buttonhole and a tailor for every thread. And yet all threads are possible but only one thread is the perfect choice. And so becoming infinite in time.


Our task and timeless way of life: to create, to choose, to combine and to evolve again. Because each garment, every jacket that goes out of our atelier turns into something unique. Design shapes take form, fabrics and accessories magically fuse, with different combinations for every moment. 

Six months later everything starts afresh. The change of seasons guide us towards the values previously learnt, creating something special that will be totally original.


In the development of this handcrafted process, we inspire mixed pre-seasoned garments that our best clients still faithfully preserve. One can observe how both of us evolve together offering a chance encounter to become part of those special moments, and acquiring the patina that thus only time and experience can provide.


Some ask us about our success, but we only know that if we stop, enchantment disappears, so we live to work. Evolving with the most up to date techniques, applying the traditional craft method and looking for answers always with the same aim: to harvest the dream each of our clients hold.